"Hearken, lad, and attend close to the tales of the storied ship The Woman Scorned and her most…singular crew. A pirate hunter, she and those aboard her only take on certain contracts; if any know the reason why they aren't speaking. At first it was just rumors, whole ships missing, disappeared. Most said weather, when more vanished others blamed a heathen curse.

Finally, a half-dead sailor pulled from the Sea of a Thousand Souls told his story, dehydrated and raving of a sleek 40 gunner, crewed by Iosans. No quarter was offered to the besieged ship, no terms for its crew. Those who fell into the sea were swallowed by the waves, the crew of The Scorned Woman repelled all who sought refuge with lethal efficiency.

Those of us who ply our trade in the seas of Western Immoren have learned not to harass elves and their ilk; hell hath no fury like the broadside of The Woman Scorned."

- Piero Bateu, Retired Pirate

CT!: The Tides of Trineus