As Ord’s “golden port” and largest city, Berck is a hub of legitimate business and commerce, making it difficult for pirate ships to of offload their goods without the aid of talented smugglers or knowledgeable local contacts.

The four main streets of Berck radiate from a central diamond to four gateways—Markus Gate to the north, Ferryquay Gate on the Rohannor River, Shipquay Gate leading to Berck Harbor, and Butcher’s Gate leading to Carre Dova to the south.

The city watch keeps close tabs on each gate for suspicious activities, and the ships of the Tordoran Armada assure that the harbor is similarly protected.

Three powerful factions oversee virtually all business in Berck, legal and otherwise:

  • Berck Import House, under the control of the Mercarian League
  • Northton Shipping and Trade, the largest front for several businesses owned by the Khadoran kayazy merchant princes
  • Mateu House, one of the largest castellan families in Ord and the major power in the city.

A crew wishing to make any kind of profit selling stolen merchandise must first put gold into the hands of one these three groups. Attempting to circumvent them is ill advised at best, as the gibbeted bodies of countless pirates silently attest.


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